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Come on man, you can do better than this.

I mean its not cool to use the name of a popular series to make people look at some spam you made. Why dont you try actually making a decent cartoon? I mean I bet you would rather your work receives a decent score instead of slapping together a flop that would only get blammed.

h0m0 responds:

No, I really wouldn't to be honest.
I like what I do. :]

Great job

Ahh I've been waiting for the final product for awhile.
Thanks for giving me a shot. Congrats on the frontpage as well

Made me smile

its because it's funny, and the little girl reminds me of my little sis.
great job. keep up the good work.

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Ok, heres a review:

From purely a gamer point of view I thought it sucked. Everyone had the same moves, theres no music, and the game is very repetitive.
WHAT I DID like however was the fact that this is a fully functioning flash game (I saw no bugs, other than some AI's relying on Hadoken/tornado kick a bit too much, but nothing I couldn't overcome) in 3D, with graphics matching that of the Nintendo 64 (Customizing and coloring characters is a huge plus btw). With a few changes this game will be awesome(er). Personally now I'm excited, because now that full 3D games are possible I'm looking forward to a new era of kickass NG games.
one more thing, and I gotta ask since I have flash too: How did you do this? Full 3D in flash? Sheesh man I want in on this (assuming its an engine or an addon to flash)

SESSNET responds:


Works kind of the same as most 3D engines. Also Actionscript 3.0.

So if you know both of those things it should be pretty easy to use!

Also you'd prob need to know someone who can make 3D models and animations :O

Thanks for the review


Not bad, but can use some work.

Maybe I'm just bad at the game but I cant shoot those little suckers. Still though the graphics are pretty good. I think with some work this game could be pretty awesome.

Not bad

Nothing really "wow" but the game has potential. Maybe throw in some powerups or something, but yeah I think with some work it could be a good game.

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Awesome track

This is so going into a game I'm working on. Great job man.

Dfarce responds:

Sounds sweet, make sure you pm me when its ready. I'd love to have a play

Nice techno beat

Very good job


Very good, professional sounding cover. Almost as good as the original track. This track sounds like it should be in a "Ocherina of time" movie. (not like NG movie, like an actual movie). Very good job man.

JakesFable responds:

Haha wow really I wish, Thanks alot for the review ;)

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